Fire & Suppression Systems


Protect your

  • Family
  • Employees
  • Property

Ensure that your home or business meets various town and state fire codes and regulations with A.T.I.'s fire alarm systems, ranging from simple coventional 2-zone panels to large integrated addressable systems with voice evacuation. 


With today's technical sophistication, critical facilities require an even higher level of fire protection than that of conventional sprinkler systems.  Highly valuable assets and sensitive areas may now be protected by clean agent fire and supervised dry pipe pre-action suppression systems.  Using early detection, alarm verification and rapid extinguishment, these systems reduce false alarms, prevent damage to equipment, and increase the safety of people in the fire area.  

A.T.I. specializes in clean agent and pre-action fire suppression systems for computer rooms as well as linear heat detection for special purpose applications, such as freezers and incinerators.