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Which Type of Fire Protection is Right For Your Business?

Fire protection is a necessity, not a luxury. It should never be an option. Many business owners think a fire could never happen to them. Unfortunately, fires are more common than you might think. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there are 90,000-100,000 fires in commercial spaces and businesses across the U.S. every year. 


Property Type Reported Fires
Industrial and Manufacturing  38,000
Food and Beverage 7,400
Educational  5,000
Healthcare 5,800
High-rise and Office 18,000
Warehouse  1,200
Hotels and Motels 3,500
Retail  13,500


Fire Protection For Businesses

According to a recent study by the National Fire Protection Association, nearly one-third of workplace fires occur because of cooking equipment negligence and faulty electrical distribution. As business owners, you may be at risk.  Ensure that a range of fire protection systems are installed in your facility to create a safe working environment for all. Installing fire and smoke detection systems, fire alarms, kitchen fire suppression systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting are investments worth making to protect your people and valuable assets. One frequently neglected option when it comes to commercial fire and life safety systems is emergency exit lights. Its importance in guiding your employees to safety simply cannot be overlooked.

Fire Protection For Restaurants

Not surprisingly, restaurant fires can cost a business catastrophic losses in both revenue and reputation. With open flames, flammable materials, and extreme temperatures, restaurant fires occur frequently and are notorious for not only causing significant interior damage, but also structural damage. Implementing the correct kitchen fire protection with a wet chemical suppression system is an absolute must for all restaurant owners.

Fire Protection In Schools

According to nationwide fire safety studies, cooking related mishaps are the leading cause of fires within schools. This is why having a comprehensive fire suppression and far-reaching alarm system is imperative. Not only is implementing a fire protection and alarm system vital, but it is also essential that students and teachers alike are trained in the proper fire safety protocols. Installing fire alarms, smoke and chemical detectors, emergency exit lighting, fire sprinklers, portable fire extinguishers, and commercial kitchen fire suppression systems are essential components to include in your checklist. Frequent and regularly scheduled maintenance of these systems is also necessary to ensure that they will work properly in case of a fire emergency.

Fire and Life Safety from Alarm-Tech

There is one important reason why Alarm-Tech, Inc. specializes in fire and life safety systems. Every business and commercial space is completely unique and has its own set of needs. Yours is no exception. Anything less than a system specifically designed for your property will leave critical gaps in protection, and for us, that just isn’t good enough. A local company ourselves, we know how important your business is to you. You’ve made an investment in people, property, and assets. Now, make sure you safeguard your investment.

We leverage our decades of experience to deliver customized fire and life safety solutions that utilize the most advanced technologies. Our ability to design-build, in addition, to install and service, means you don’t have to search for and manage multiple vendors. We offer addressable, conventional, or wireless systems, including voice evacuation and mass notification. Our solutions are both affordable and effective, helping detect, monitor, and alert when fire and smoke are present to minimize damage and loss. And we aren’t finished once we complete an installation. We offer packages to ensure your system is kept up-to-date, in good condition, and compliant with all local and state ordinances.

Already have a fire and life safety system installed and need it tested, inspected, or monitored? Alarm-Tech can do that too.

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