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Should You Move Your Access Control to the Cloud?

Whether you operate one site, or hundreds of sites, you and your staff can’t always be on location to manage and monitor who is accessing your buildings – and when they are accessing them. Cloud-based security technology allows you to manage all of your locations from virtually any device – computer, tablet, cell phone – through a central account. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider a cloud-based access control system for your business.

Convenience and Flexibility

Today, we use our phone for virtually everything – banking, buying a cup of coffee, or even topping off our gas tanks. Imagine if you could manage access to and monitor your facilities right from your phone as well.  With cloud-based access control, you can. This solution allows you to access your facility, from anywhere at any time and on any device. It can save you hours of time and even increase your own productivity. You no longer need to physically be present to open doors, allow access to different parts of your sites, or chase down vendors for keys. Now, it’s as easy as managing access through a single app.

Increased Savings

Using a cloud-based solution eliminates the need for local servers and software – reducing costs and simplifying the deployment and management of the system. The entire service is managed for you, which results in higher uptime and increased reliability. Timely and automated software updates are one of the biggest benefits that most cloud providers make available. Updates for cloud-based access control happen just like they would on your phone – you click on the update and you are done. This means your internal IT and security staff don’t have to keep up with the latest cyber threats; your cloud provider does that for you.

Increased Security

Because there are no servers to maintain, and software is updated automatically with a cloud-based access control solution, your organization is kept safe from cyber threats at all times. A cloud-based system also reduces risk for you with future-proof services delivered from secure, redundant data centers that are monitored 24/7/365. In terms of physical security, cloud-based solutions utilize the latest technology, allowing for real-time management of access – whenever, wherever – so if you need to restrict access for any reason, the ability to do so is right at your fingertips.

Instant Access to Data

Today’s businesses need real-time information to operate efficiently, effectively, and safely. A cloud-based access control solutions gives you instant access to data and information about your sites – anytime and from anywhere. Real-time alerts are also sent directly to you when potentially unsafe behavior occurs, such as the tampering of a lock or a door being held open too long.  These features allow you to understand when and where a breach happened so you can take corrective measures quickly and develop preventative policies for the future.


One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based solutions is that they allow for unlimited scalability, so as your business evolves, you can add new buildings, doors or offices to the system at any time. You are then able to access and control all of your facilities from one interface for greater convenience. And there is no limit to the number of users or mobile credentials you can have in the system. Add as many as you need – at any time.


Using an API, cloud-based access control systems allow you to connect your digital business to the physical world. One way companies leverage this offering is connecting their cloud-based access control solution to their HR systems. This allows for seamless access as new employees join the company and ease of revoking access when an employee leaves the company or a contractor’s work is complete. You can also connect your access control to video surveillance or even elevator control to save time and resources.

Why we trust Brivo for our cloud-based access control solutions

Alarm-Tech is a proud Brivo Partner. Why? We believe that Brivo offers commercial facilities the most advantageous and affordable cloud-based access control solution available today. The platform automates the security and management of your buildings by bringing all the essential capabilities together, including access control, video surveillance, identity management, mobile management, visitor management, and elevator control, allowing complete centralized control. In addition, Brivo’s open platform allows for customization, enabling you to integrate the monitoring and control of additional data sources, applications and devices. Brivo’s solution is professionally monitored and is backed by full technical support. For more information, call Alarm-Tech, Inc. today! 508-928-0911

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